While this is a business blog, it’s a writing business, so I feel that gives me some wiggle room for what I write about. While I promise I’ll be posting tips on business writing, including how to improve your writing and the types of content businesses care about, for a first post I wanted to post about a side hobby of mine, poetry.

Poetry has been increasing in popularity and I’m happy about that. I think there is a power in poetry, which can be as long or as short as the author wants, but none the less packs a punch for the audience. There is no hard and fast rule for how a poem should be written. Just to write with your soul and hope that it cleanses whatever is on your mind.

Poetry for me, has been a window into my current mind. It’s telling how a few sentences can give me a clearer insight to how I’m feeling than asking myself, “Why am I feeling like this?”

So, without any further ramblings this is a poem I wrote after a long weekend of work.

I’m always open to suggestions for future blog posts, so please comment what you would enjoy reading and/or your thoughts on this post.

Until next time!