Helium Scribe was once a seed planted in the back of CEO and Founder Lisa Sloan’s mind. After pursuing a degree in chemistry, she started her career as a lab technician. For a while, she stuck it out but Lisa felt unfulfilled by the repetitive work.

Attending business events across Calgary, Lisa was inspired by the energy surrounding entrepreneurs. As she spent more time with young businesses owners, Lisa identified a pressing need that nearly all of them faced during their startup journey — writing well-written content for their businesses. Realizing that someone needed to do something about it, Lisa left her job and never looked back.

Helium Scribe was launched in 2019 to address the gap in great ideas and inspired written content that shares those great ideas. As Helium Scribe’s founder, Lisa had finally found her place.

There’s a reason that stories like the one I just shared connects so well with people. Stories tend to stick longer in people’s minds. Think of your favourite tv advertisement. Why do you remember it? Did it tell a story? Most likely, it did! Stories inspire emotional responses in a way that facts and stats alone cannot. They motivate people to act. They are universal—even if the story is unique to you, people can pick on up on a thread and find ways to relate.

While business writing and creative story telling doesn’t seem to go hand in hand, it really does! Crafting content that tells a story creates an emotional connection with your fans which translates into brand loyalty. Motivated people equates to buyers of your product and/or service. The universality of your story results in communities of people responding to your business and desiring to connect.

It’s not always easy to be creative. If all else fails, tell the story of you. Personal experiences and the history of your business can be the start of relevant, meaningful stories for your business content. The best stories are easy to follow and leave an impression.

With dedicated practice, you can begin to incorporate imaginative story telling into your website, blog, social media posts, or newsletters. It doesn’t always have to be written either. Videos, podcasts/audio content, games, and infographics or animations can all be enhanced by an engaging story. There is no limit to what can be made better by story.

If you’re struggling to write your stories, get in touch with us. We’d be happy to help.