We’re delighted to announce Helium Scribe’s official charitable partner: The Writers’ Trust of Canada. We look forward to supporting the initiatives of this wonderful organization in the years to come.

What is the Writers’ Trust?

The Writers’ Trust supports and celebrates Canadian literary voices through various awards, grants, programs, and events. They help writers at all stages of their careers find resources to help them flourish. In turn, our cultures and communities are strengthened by Canadian voices that can be heard from coast to coast, and beyond.

The Writers’ Trust Mentorship Program and Latner Writers’ Trust Poetry Prize are two initiatives that we are particularly excited to support. We encourage you to check them out.

Why the Writers’ Trust?

Since its inception, Helium Scribe has planned to give back to its communities. Social enterprise is a big part of who we are. While it took time for our Founder and employees to figure out what giving back would look like for a writing company, we finally planted some seeds.  

The Writers’ Trust was a natural choice for us. In past social media giveaways, we gifted poetry books from Canadian authors Randy Lundy and Bertrand Bickersteth. The response we received was clear. People loved our efforts to support writers close to home. As avid readers and writers, it just clicked.

Why not support writers who contribute so much to our personal and professional lives?

Our charitable partnership with The Writers’ Trust emerged from this question. Our belief in the importance of creativity and story-telling translates so seamlessly into championing Canadian writers; we knew we had to support this community.

How Will We Support The Writers’ Trust?

We will be donating 10% of our profits to The Writers’ Trust annually.

As we commit to amplifying the voices of writers, we aim to continue promoting Canadian writers on our social media and blog. Check out our Reading List. We will be sharing books we love, interviews with authors, and more.